Ahh the days…

My Grandma always said These are the times when the days drag and the years fly by….

I always thought that was a bunch of BS until I had kids. I swear just yesterday I was still pregnant, now I have two boys (finally asleep) but usually naked running around jumping off furniture (or from one chair to the next) terrorizing my house and the days, they truly do drag. But the years they make me tear up as they fly by. It makes me feel bad sometimes at the end of the day because most days at some point I check out because ‘Mommy more duce’ after seeing my two year old poor the last few drops on my nice new couch makes me want to cry and scream at the same time. As does watching my sweet four year old who is just trying to help pour my 2 year old Heavy Whipping Cream instead of milk. I know that in a couple years these will seem like such sweet memories (some days at the end of night they seem like awesome memories) but I am tired of it some days and then guilty feeling by midnight. 

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