a stroller for the ages

I am a suburban housewife and SAHM (stay at home mom) but I am also a nature enthusiast and a total city girl. Colorado happens to be pretty much a perfect trifecta in these areas at least. Living in the amazing and lets call it most versatile state that I have personally ever lived in, I needed a stroller that could live up to the task. I have three kids ages 4, 2 and 3 months. I have owned a grand total of twelve strollers to date, they have all had there flaws (like a near death experience with flying wheels, or your typical bulk, handles that are too short for my husband or too long for me, too long wheel base, not enough ‘kick room’ for my husband, TERRIBLE STEERING, not versatile enough, there is always something). Fitting three kids in one stroller and being able to push it is no easy task (I am only 5’1 and long strollers don’t work for me since I cant see the front of the stroller) well I finally have found as close the perfect trifecta as I can!
The ValcoBaby Trimode
ValcoBaby is a family owned and operated company based out of Australia (and quite a pain to find in the Colorado) that has been specializing in baby products for over 30 years.

Like many Coloradan Mamas I need something with the size of a single but the versatility of oh 4 strollers :blush: I have the mat-black (called Ebony) Trimode and I have to say it is truly elegant looking. Although the divine part of this stroller is not only the sleek city dweller look but the Trimodes abilities; I swear this thing can multitask better than I can! The handle is adjustable to be my two year old height all the way to my 6 ft tall husbands height (and any and all in between) there is an inordinate amount of ‘kick room’ for taller grown ups and a carry cot, converting to a double…or a semi-triple!!

To start off you purchase the stroller, the Trimode Chassis (with 360 degree swivel, 45 degree swivel and no swivel jogging options, all available at the twist of a nob!! Hence the name Tri-Mode) this comes with the seat, with an almost completely flat recline and AWESOME Canopy, as well as the infant positioner, 5 point harness and the niftiest under carriage basket(has a zipper for when the seat is fully reclined as well as saddlebags plus its huge), it also has a diaper bag that zips onto the back of the canopy, unzip for more airflow. It also includes the tire pump, one touch recline, reflective piping and a rain cover. Making the base model an ideal higher end budget stroller!

Oh, wait, it gets better! The toddler jump seat, I know when I hear that I think Phil&Teds where the seat is underneath, and there is no under carriage storage anymore and you can’t use your diaper bag on the handle because your sweet child (who is probably trying to escape because they cant see anything) will be knocked out by the swinging monstrosity (if your diaper bag is anything like mine anyway) not on the Valcos they jump seat is in the FRONT! So your older child can now look around and feel in control while sweet baby sleeps in the back! The Jump Seat has a 5 point harness and a snappible crotch thingy to easily allow Junior a way out, also it sits table height :wink wink: can we say restaurants in walking distance.

Now you say well I only have one child and I want something way hotter than just a (lame) stroller, I get it I really do I am the queen of all things must be way cute on top of being functional so can we say Carry Cot? This thing is similar in looks to what your mom used to push you around in (or your grandma pushed your mom in) so very elegant and totally back in style! But it easily snaps out of the stroller and you can carry it by the handle! So sleeping beauty doesn’t have to be woken up when you get home. I must say this must be oh so comfortable because its the only place my daughter will sleep for more than 10 minutes even when the stroller isn’t moving 😀 The carry cot also has an adjustable back rest and washable liner and padding (love it!)as well as including bug netting, and a rain cover. An optional accessory to the carry cot is the stand which converts it to a bassinet!

Also available is the Hitch Hiker attachment, which attaches to the back of the stroller allowing up to two little ones to stand on the back (keep in mind with any of the attachments (jump seat or hitch hiker the max weight limit on the stroller is 90 pounds) this is awesome for quick trip to the store or park if you want baby in the pram(carry cot) and your older child(ren) are big enough to walk as well as if you have say a 3 month old in the main seat, a two year old in the jump seat and a four year old who is done walking for right now 🙂

Now with every good comes a bad so the cons, this stroller is not an one hand fold, its a little bulky when folded, and its heavy to pick up. That being said the steering and handling is phenomenal, its slim, and short making it easy to see over, and it truly is all terrain. I have taken it to the mall with out any causalities, I have taken it up in the mountains and the 12 inch air filled tires really made all the difference! I have also had it down town and there isn’t a crack in a side walk big enough to hurt this baby!