Deviled eggs and foreclosure

So I was attending to my wild children and I hear a knock at the door the first thought in my head was *shit the kids are naked!* I answer and there is this nice looking gentleman at my door (mind you this is 5 days before Christmas!) serving me with foreclosure paper work, well thanks wells Fargo I am assuming that means you don’t want to short sale?! That sent me into a puddle of Omg what am I going to do mushy messy-ness! So I did the only thing a girl is to do in such a situation! I cooked (deviled eggs that ended up looking quite similar to how I was feeling) and took the kidlets to the park so they could breathe run and not destroy my already fragile emotional state. Well we move to a new house in Erie in 11 days and here I sit once again freaking out (the hubby gets paid tomorrow and even though I have $300 in the bank what if he doesn’t make enough for rent?! Which is due to be paid by Friday!!!) and making deviled eggs. The baby is napping the boys are watching tinkerbell and I’m trying to motivate myself to finish packing bathrooms and clean up the floor do some laundry and vacuum…I’m assuming I will also here the pitter patter of little feet soon to and the words that indicate it’s lunch time *I’m starving to def mommy!!!!*

I have to tell you that even with the dark cloud of a foreclosure looming over head I feel confident that it will be okay, I mean I traded diapers (cloth) for new clothes that will be here tomorrow and got a new coach bag (traded for a baby carrier) last week and am scrapping my pennies so that come tax time I can buy a new bag off etsy and I’m making a new pair of glitter shoes *tut and pics to come*
Signing off with what looks like a serious shopping problem

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