Reporpose Thursday!

Every Thursday I’m going to post a diy project to help spruce up the thrifty wardrobe, home or lifestyle!

Glitter flats for only $10!!!
I received hand me down flats from my awesome friend Becky a couple years ago and I wore them as is for a while

Well I saw these tdf sparkle flats that I wanted…but I can’t really dish any cash out for well anything for previously posted reasons. So I decided to hit up google and see what ideas I could come up with well I found like 173822 tuts with different awesome ideas! So here is MY tutorial for glitter flats! I just put blue shoes on the ‘My Selfish Want List’ so I Ofcourse went with BLUE glitter
So the materials I used are
*blue glitter medium size
*mod podge
*foam brush
*acrylic satin tree house studio brand

Next I mixed mod podge and glitter

I did 6 passes on each shoe
This was after the first (let them dry between)

My finished product

I didn’t need the spray acrylic either!

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