Fabulously Frugal Fashion Friday!

So today (and from now on!) Fridays in this blog will be known as Fabulously Frugal Fashion Friday! That’s a mouthful.huh? Well we may have to shorten it but for now that’s it!
Okay now my theory on clothing (of which I have too much)
It is best to have a few statement pieces (for me that would be my shoes, bags or scarves) and a rather mundane albeit well put together wardrobe. Clothing wise you want things that fit and fit well! You want things that by them self my look good but not GREAT because you don’t want to compete with your outfit!!!! For me atleast I want a piece (jewelry, scarf, handbag, hat or shoes) that take the outfit from okay to rubberneckin!
So now that you know my philosophy pardon the cell phone pics and bad lighting here are my outfits for the last week (well since Wednesday) with retail vs what I paid break down

Plaid pageboy hat was $10 paid $7 (end of winter sale) (statement piece)
Old Navy Cami (white) was $5 paid $2 (sale)
Calvin Klein deep vneck tshirt (you can’t tell but this shirt has Devine silver roses) was $50 paid $15 (outlet)
Mossimo draping sweater paid full price $20
Converse jeans $35
Aldo Leather Boots $100 but received as a hand me down!
Scarf $10
Coach Poppy Op Art Glam Tote was $198 got it for $100 (outlet!)
Retail $428 i paid $189 saving $239!!!!

Okay this outfit sucked I had cramps and was bloated and frankly wanting to die
Headband and too chic bow was $10.99 I paid $0 cus I made them
Scarf $10
Hanes whit tshirt $5 for a 10 pack I paid $0 (it’s Hubbys)
Converse jeans $35
Dollhouse boots (great details!) $79.99 I paid $0 (gift)
Coach Sateen Maggie was $298.00 paid $10.00 for shipping (trade) (statement piece)
Retail $438.98 I paid $55 I saved $383.98

Finally get to wear my glitter shoes!!!
Scarf $10
Gray shirt was $21.99 I paid $0 (gift)
White ON cami was $5 I paid $2
Converse jeans $35
Coach Poppy Op Art Glam Tote was $198 I paid $100
Glitter shoes (statement piece) was $25 I paid $0 for the shoes $11 for the supplies 😉
Retail $294.99 I paid $158 I saved $136.99

I wanted to note since I am still losing baby weight I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit (converse) so no I don’t have a bunch of the same jeans I just wear the same pair a lot!

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