So once again I’m sitting in my kitchen thinking of what to post my life at the moment is a wee bit of a whirlwind with moving/switching schools/debt/foreclosure and I thought at first we would discuss why fashion is important even for sahm but I just realized that gasp a four letter word is what I need to talk about! I come from a privileged life and never knew what being financially responsible meant okay I didn’t know what responsible meant but it’s the financial part that screwed me! My husband and I bought our house when I was 19 just a baby. I didn’t know better but I should have…we got screwed and spent the next 5 years of our lives vigorously fighting with bank after bank, unemployment and schools. We were drowning fighting hard enough to occasionally get a gasp of air but a four lettered word finally did us in *debt* in a failing (or slowly recovering?) economy it’s a word we all here soo often. But what does it really mean? It means when reality hits it’s all gone it’s all a castle in the sand and the storm has hit and you are left with bits and pieces mostly pieces of paper saying pay us or die and bits of what’s left of your pride. I know from where I’m standing in shame and broken pride with a pile of collections only Fixin to grow that this sucks and everything happy looks so far away…now to build ourselves back…we are exploring words like savings and bankruptcy it sucks but we will make it work…

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