Depleted bank accounts and Rosemary breakfast mixer

So before the craft show at Ryan this morning I stopped by the bank to see how much I need to make and what my account is looking like…bad choice! Some how we are coming up 206 dollars short for our truck payment…yet another reason not to have a car payment! I wish I had listened to Dave Ramsey . He is way smarter than I am! But alas I didn’t then (although I am now!) it just sucks! Our next paycheck is rent and the next is bills/truck 😦 but when the truck is paid off we will be considered ‘debt free’
I can’t wait!! Hopefully by 2012!

One a yummier note I made a Rosemary potato, asparagus, egg and feta mix! Delish
For just Corey and myself and the wee ones (Brett not included!)

3 red potatoes
4 diced asparagus stalks (not the very end though)
3 eggs
2 tablespoons evoo
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon Rosemary
1/3 cup feta

Dice up potatoes and our in your frying pan with evoo (on med high heat) add Rosemary
Sauté for 7 minutes
Add apparatus sauté for for 7 minutes
By now your potatoes are starting to look brown and crispy.
Taste a potato if it tastes done move on to the next step if not sauté until your potatoes have reached an ideal consistency
Crack and add egg and fry up
Add feta and let melt
Add salt and pepper


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