Today I woke up…

To an amazing flurry of fat white snow flakes dancing outside my bedroom window. Whimsical and elegant in their swirling magic. It was such a beautiful site even my so sick 18 month old stared in wonder and amazement at the swirling unique specks.
Yup, you read that right the cold has infected our house!!! Jay came down with a fever on Friday and now Emmy and I have it with Brett coming in a close fourth (showing signs :cough, sick eyes:) and Corey still healthy. I feel so sad for my babies! Jay will be home again today even on the mend he is coughing and has sick eyes too 😦
Well on a lighter note did I tell y’all I will be guest blogging a special recipe on ! I am so excited we will be doing a special recipe (quick and easy) that is suitable for diverse nutritional needs! :think vegetarian, omnivore, allergies: all in one! If you have ideas as to what you would like to see please let me know!!!!

Okay now for Greek cucumber sauce (as promised!) tzatziki sauce!!

Ingredient List
Greek yogurt 8 oz On sale for $1 at kroger this week
1 cucumber Also on sale at kroger this week
Dill seasoning (2 tsp)

Peel and seed the cucumber (I used an ice cream scooper for the seeding part which made this so much easier)
Take a cheese grater and grate your cucumber then take a paper towel and blot it dry
Add your dill and cucumber
Stir! I then added a pinch of salt soo delish on those pitas with a little hummus and the perfect easy sick meal with some lunch meat for the kiddos!


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