RockStar Review Wednesdays!

Welcome to a new segment of my blog encouraging others to make safe, sound and well thought out purchases!
Today’s review is on

The Handysitt
Grade A
I love the Handysitt, so much so that by the end of last year I had four of them…but I only have three kids :headscratch:
They fold up tiny and are soo convenient! They can be used from 6 months (with the infant padding, but please remember not to put infants that are not able to sit up yet in this product!) all the way up to 5 years of age (perfect for our family of petite munchkins!). Emmy has been in hers since 6 months of age and we have only found 1 chair ever that it didn’t fit on (the directions said it would NOT fit but I had to test it (-; ), hers is currently living on a folding chair because she tends to ruin the chair underneath if we forget to lay down a towel. Brett rocked his til age 3 and Jay has always been too independent for a high chair :silly boy:.
So for the mad love that I have for the Hamdysitt why the A?
Let’s start with the pros!
Easy to transport
Doesn’t take up half the kitchen
Easy to clean (but don’t leave it in water it will warp!)
Real wood not particle board ❤
Company is run by stay at home dads!!
Innovative product that is convenient, Eco friendly with a decent price point!

Okay the Cons 😦
The instructions sucked :although the company was quick to help!:
Uhm there was that one chair it didn’t fit on that they said it wouldn’t fit on…okay so ya the instructions sucked

I love the Handysitt which is available in Denver Here!



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