Reporpose thursday!

Last night I couldn’t sleep even though we are all still incredibly sick :awesome: so I walked through my house, which is in desperate need of cleaning (any volunteers?)…only to decide a lil crafting was due…45 minutes later I had a blog post and new dish towels…with out further adieu…

I know y’all have been just falling all over yourselves in despair because I haven’t repurposed anything since (or during our move!) well stress no more! Here is our repurpose of the week!

Old Cloth diapers and left over receiving blankets (or fabric scraps) into dish towels!

So I lost all my dish towels (not that match our motif) somewhere along the line so I decided to make some (especially now that we are all out paper towels)

Ingredient List
2 infant prefolds
1 premium prefold
1 or 2 receiving blankets Or 1/3 yard fabric scrap
Measuring tool
Sewing machine

If your diapers are new (ours aren’t, we just don’t use them any more) prep them (wash and dry 3 times on hot)

Measure then center fabric panel on your diaper (my infants are 12×4, premium are 15×5) add an extra 1/2 in to the measurements (prefolds will stretch when sewing but your fabric won’t)

Cut your fabric to measurements
Line up your fabric to the prefolds
And sew with a zig zag stitch (slow and steady if you aren’t pinning your fabric)

Cut your extra thread and all done


5 thoughts on “Reporpose thursday!

  1. Great idea! I never thought of using our old diapers for that and yours look really good hanging from the stove. I have a question though, do they look at all like burp cloths hanging there in real life?

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