Foreclosure is…


Kinda like being sucker punched by the lunch lady.

You finally think your in the clear then BAM!!!!!!

Yup, that is totally how I feel today. I’ve been sick for a week, who cares; I’ve had one or the other of my three kids sleeping, snotting or climbing on me for the last week desperately trying to get me to help them feel better, eh, whatever! I can cope with that stuff…
Walk out to go get my mail and find two 1099s saying I profited from my foreclosure and I need to pay taxes on the ENTIRE loan? I couldn’t decide if I wanted to
A. Vomit
B. Cry
C. Die or kill someone else
Since I still had many a small person dependent on me I figured on
D. None of the above- would suit me quite well…so I texted the accountant friend from high school…he doesn’t do taxes I guess…so I called Cj he could have cared less :grrr:…plan c? Do a puzzle with Jayden, read a book, make dinner and find the h&r accountants number cus
Corey is gonna have to go tomorrow after work ( I may have stormed off when we went in last time and demanded my taxes back )….
Okay so like 5 days have gone by since I wrote this…I had all the intentions in the world of going to the CPA and getting my taxes done but I’m too much of a vagina. I’m absolutely petrified of the outcome of owing a CPA some exorbitant amount of money. I am just a human being and I’m scurred. I know in reality God will provide and I just need to have faith but I’m pretty sure we’re dancing with the devil :-/
So in signing off let me flip the lunch lady the bird! Run like hell until I grow some balls and deal with this shit…ya know by next Tuesday so I have something to write about



5 thoughts on “Foreclosure is…

  1. I am so sorry Sam!! We have to file extra paperwork with the IRS because we found out that my loving student loan company that I haven't been able to pay took our refund… F***!!! So now we have to say we need the money BECAUSE WE DO!! I don't understand why they can't figure it out!! If they would just take the loan out of default I could go back to school finish my degree, and ACTUALLY pay them. I hate my life right now!! I am just like you though if it wasn't for the fam I would totally do something bad… but it would make me feel better!! I hate money!!! And the whold dancing with the devil thing I totally feel you, I just wish there was a clear way of getting away from it!!

  2. UGH! I am sorry you are dealing with this! How can you PROFIT from a foreclosure??? That is weird :(Hang tight. You have made it this far and it should be almost over.God WILL provide and you will be ok!

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