PSA and Paninis

Sigh! I’m so sorry for the lack of well posts the last week or so!
I have had a run for my money, quite literally 😦
So last month we had a random 300 go missing, my first though being ‘Dammit Corey!’ so I took his card away. Only to check my balance on the 18th :day after payday: to have my jaw drop! We had our car insurance on automatic debit for 194, they took out 460+ in january and 470+ in february!!!! Totally $580.and some change!!!! Well I called farmers (ya I just outed those scammy bastards!) and they had 74820 different reasons none of which made sense, after 4 hours on the phone with them I had to pick up Jay so Corey took over, we got a manager and…there phones stopped working as well as their computers! I lost my shit told them I was filing fraudulent charges, went to my credit union…and this isn’t the first issue they said atleast once a week this happens with insurance companies! I did get my $580 back but have to jump through hoops and paper work up the wahoo- lesson learned and reiterated by the cu never ever let them automatic debit! But the good news, I saved $600 by switching to geico (no shit!) we are saving $100 a month!
After all was said and done I made Paninis for dinner :yumm!:
Ingredient List
Brie cheese
Balsamic vinegar
Bread I used wheat French bread from the recipe from earlier this week
Slice your pear into thin pieces

Turn your stove on medium put pear slices in a large skillet and put in 1 tsp balsamic vinegar and 1/4 cup water and sauté your pears
Cut your bread into 1/4 inch slices
Put a thin coating of balsamic vinegar on each side of bread VErY LiTTLE
Slice your Brie (one small piece per baggeutte
Put your pear slices I did 2 per bread
Put in toaster over on toast/broil for 3 minutes and enjoy!!!

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