Life and WTF is up with this blog!

I know it’s RockStar revew Wednesday but since I’ve been an the flight -airhead- for the last few weeks plus we had an issue with a sneaky person (winner from the shaklee giveaway will be notified and I will be sending your prize 😉
Well…where have you been? You may be asking…well as the weather warms my children insist on playing outside (as is obvious by the mountains of unfolded laundry), craft season is in toe also soo…I have been making bows and clothes as fast as possible and alas as fast as I can make them they are sold…not complaining at all just a little bewildered!
Sadly my blogging has been slacking ad well as my housekeeping and cooking :eek!: but I am going to bust out a delish taco salad for your stomach pleasures!

So if your like me, you probably remember your mom making something with rice-a-roni the San Francisco treat! Haha I remember is so well and it was soo good 🙂 but it was often accompanied by some horrid main dish like hamburger (obviously not my fave!) Alas I was like yum mango rice and Corey was like hell to the no :finger snap excluded: so I busted out my .25 cent rice-a-roni (coupons + sales = cheap unhealthy convenience food!), then I was all hmm okay we will just do boiled chicken and I won’t eat much…hmm I though that won’t fly so rummaging through my freezer I went and found a lonely salmon fillet! Score!!
So for dinner we are enjoying…
Parm and Ramono Rice-A-Roni with Artichoke Pesto chicken and Artichoke Pesto Fish!!! Yummy!
Make the rice as instructed
Take 2 tbs pesto and rub on chicken breast
Combine 1 tsp pesto 1 tsp butter rub on fish
Bake at 350 for 20 minutes…
The Final Product…

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I’m sitting at the park with two of my amazing kids, grateful that the Colorado didn’t get the weather memo and the sun is beating down on us with a warm embrace. Grateful that yesterday is over and I can breathe a deep breath of relief.
Yesterday (saint Patricks day) sucks for my family. Yes, we are deep seeded in Irish heritage and I show that to my beautiful children because they don’t know the why behind the cry (I rhymed!) 13 years ago yesterday my dad was in a car accident he drove into a light poll, then a tree and ricocheted into another tree and while his death was sad and untimely the hellish abuse I lived through for the 6 years afterwards there are no words for. I look back at it and know that he couldn’t have changed it once it started even though he could have made a better choice (ya know like not drinking and driving) but he also had no way of knowing the hell my life would turn into. And that’s why yesterday sucked not because he died because we believe in celebrating life (and he was a man to celebrate) but because the she devil (my mom) wouldn’t stop calling and she always ruins my days 😉 so let’s have a beer to another year of not talking to her and enjoy life!

Divine nachos

Cheese Sauce
8 oz shredded cheddar cheese
3/4 cup milk
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon all purpose flour

Put ingredients in a small sauce pan and heat slowly while stirring on low

Corn tortilla cut to desired size
Spray your cookie sheet with Pam put your tortillas on the sheet and spray with Pam
Broil on hi for 3 minutes take out and flip broil until browned but not burned
Meat- brown


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Pregnancy, fish hooks and veggie chili

Sigh- yes, I sigh a lot!
This weekend was the epitome of hell for me :-/
It started well and ended alright but the in-between was well far from a pleasant experience.
Let’s start with saturday…I went to work and it went well! Yay! Until 5 o clock rolled around…Corey starts texting me frantically call me asap, emergency…I call thinking someone fell or something- nope of course it’s more complicated than that (I carpool to work so I only drive halfway)- Brett has a fish hook imbedded in his foot! Fuck me- so I take Beckys car drive to her house grab the truck drive home leave the other two with the neighbors mom- go to the ER have them extract the hook and wait to see if there is a reaction from the tetanus shot…3 hours later we are home! I’m sure the trip will only be about a grand :sigh:…I think my weekend can’t get worse than this…than it does, I head to work Sunday get to work…and a patron of the store asks me…when I’m due! I’m not I just broke into the 130’s and I’m not pregnant I’m losing 😥 sigh so I get off work I go massage Amy…drive pick up the fam in Estes realize I forgot to give Amy her key back drive back to her house drop off the key get home finally…it’s over! Bed!!! Now it’s monday and I have found a fish hook hidden in my boys room and quit my job because I’m honestly next time it will be much worse :-/
So this weekend I have spent a total of $91 in gas, been asked if I’m pregnant and spent 3 hours in the ER…the weeks not off to a much better start oy vey!

The other night we made a yummy veggie chili Our rendition of her recipe! and Rosemary chicken!

1 can chili beans
1 can kidney bean
1 package chili sauce mix
1 can roasted tomatoes
1/2 onion diced
1 carrot
1/2 yellow pepper
1/2 red pepper
2 tbs evoo

Cut/slice/dice veggies and sauté in evoo
Put every thing in a pot and simmer for 30 ish minutes

Rosemary Chicken
6 chicken cutlets (or less)
Drizzle of evoo
Sprinkling of Rosemary

Preheat oven to 350
Drizzle evoo on to cutlets sprinkle Rosemary rub in and bake for 20 minutes (or until cooked through!)

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Rock Star Review Wednesday! *Shaklee* and a GIVEAWAY

Spring has finally stumbled upon us, so has spring cleaning…well, okay, Im at least some what attempting to at least clean up the muddy foot prints from spring 😉 I prefer healthier cleaning solutions and since I cannot convince CJ that Vinegar is a totally viable option I use Shaklee…have you heard about it? Neither had I until a couple years ago when a friend (Becky thats you!) gave me a small sample of hers to try and uhm I am still using that same sample! I clean my house multiple times a day and knowing that what I am washing my floors with wont kill my kids is frickin awesome in my book! I also use the dish washing soap which I officially love…one small drop can get me through all of my pots and pans and that makes me 😀 especially because it doesn’t leave a lovely soapy taste after the fact!!! I know I am blabbing about how much I LOVE SHAKLEE but I really do. I find it effecient, non caustic and I can make it last forever so to me its frugal. I have the awesome privledge of knowing an awesome Shaklee Rep Jessica her website is Yea she is kinda like the bestest ever! So wunna try out this rockin give away?
Ways to enter
Refer a friend and have them comment that you referred them (you both get an entry)
Send a message to Jessica Hansen Wurtsbaugh on facebook
I will announce a winner in one week from today!
So please play and win so you can enjoy this awesome cleaning product!

So, what does a 1099a mean?!

I finally grew some balls!
I started my taxes…and then I got to the 1099a and I googled, searched and maybe cried just a little.
Then I got the bright idea to call the IRS…I proceeded to sit on hold for like 2 hours and then the IRS lady walked me through it!! It was actually happy
It reports we foreclosed, we filled out a schedule D (not hard!) and I learned we owe…3,000 on our first mortgage so if we can get our second to drop it we are good and will pay back the 3k!!! And we don’t have to pay taxes 🙂
So all and all I totally didn’t need balls for that!

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It’s been a long weekend

In a good way! Well mostly…Corey and I got into a fight which sucked but ended well 😉
Actually that something I wanted to write about :eww: Corey and I had lost some of that flame, ya know what I’m talking about right? That feeling, butterflies, kissing and hugging and desire for eachother. We, by all means, have had a rough road and we jumped into all this with two feet. For those of you who don’t know Cj and I met when I was 18 and he was 22, it was a fling (I was engaged) and then feelings started I broke it off with the other guy and we decided at some point a baby would be fun – Jayden was born 2 weeks after I turned 19, we got married 6 weeks before I turned 20, Brett was born 3 weeks before I turned 21 and Emmy was born on my 23rd birthday. Whirlwind – yes, romance – not so much. We have made plenty of mistakes and fallen really well into our roles of mom and dad but neglected lovers. Okay well that’s all leading to…
We made out of hours last night! It was amazing and sensual and touching and feeling! Truly stunning, I’m still feeling butterflies! I wouldn’t call it romance but fun and intimate and giggly- everything out marriage has been missing for so long!! We needed it 🙂 and when we texted this morning it reminded me of how exciting it was the time we talked after our first night together (we made out til 5 am) and I was that excited albeit more rested since we hit the pillows around midnight this time around.
On a less sexy note we went to my mother in laws place yesterday and it was soo fun! It snowed and it was gorgeous (posting pics during nap time) and we got to go for a walk sans kids 🙂 we also made amazing and easy vegetarian lasagna
And of course I’m posting the recipe
Veg lasagna
No boil noodles
Spaghetti sauce
Cottage cheese (or ricotta)

Light layer sauce
No bake noodle layer
Cheese (all mixed up first)
Repeat with sauce on top
Bake for 1:20 minutes at 375
Set on counter for 30 minutes

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RockStar Review Wednesday…Fly Lady

It is finally spring (well in some parts of the country) so I decided March should be Spring Cleaning month!!!
Now, raise your hand if you suck at cleaning! Yay! I’m not the only one. I am a list kinda girl and I was raised by a woman who believed in hiring the help and not doing it yourself. Unfortunately I cannot afford this luxury so I must implement some kind of system. I opted for the system. Its free :yay!: its easy :yay!: and its only an hour-ish a day :again yay!: I know as a stay at home mom I feel like I have, oh, like, no time at all – ever to clean! I mean where am I supposed to find time for cleaning between teen mom 2, soaps and bon bons, right? Or- uhm, dirty diapers, laundry, cooking, picking up dishes, cleaning up spilt water and accidents, trips to the park, homework, coloring on the walls, locking someone in the closet and whatever else my wee loves can conjure up for me! So I needed something uber organized, straight to the point and idiot proof :because lets face it even after 2 or 10 cups of coffee I still haven’t slept through the night since September 2005 and I’m not working at 100% here:!
Flylady rocks it with a control journal
Mine of course is hot pink with an outline of everything it contains…
it also is broken down into
morning, afternoon, bedtime chore
days of the week chores
and fly zones (one area a week)
My control journal has easy meal plans, budget, packing check lists, party check lists, emergency lists, pass word lists…erm pretty much everything I may forget (or already have!)
I love flylday although I did have to modify it to work for me. I think it will benefit just about every one because it isn’t exclusive to the housewife or the working mama or a mama at all it’s just an easy break down of the house. It makes it so its not CHAOS :Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome:

And such is life….

Ah once again I find myself apologies to y’all for my lack of posting…so I am sorry. I was working all weekend and Emmer is having some wicked strange symptoms so off to the doctor we go this afternoon….which I will ofcourse be updating everyone with the outcome this evening :/ I hope it is my just being a nuerotic mama…she has a rare form of the flu 🙂 yay!
Well today I really want to go over our budget with everyone, where it is versus where I would like to see it at I feel like since this is a blog about going from foreclosure to frugal that we should discuss this at least a little bit 🙂 Let me start with I absolutely SUCK with a budget and as such I cut up my cards (debit) last night and trashed them! This is a huge step for me. We will be getting a prepaid debit and loading only enough for gas on it and then automatic payment from the online banking for all the bills and cash for the groceries, I am seriously hoping this will curb the spending. Because quite frankly I blow at the plastic money, I always have! Now give me a thousand dollars cash and I will have 700 at the end of the month LOL…
So here it is (and yes I know its bad)
Ideal Cash Flow Plan
4150 Monthly Income
Charitable Donations 400
Savings 280
Housing 1575
Utilities 400
Food 380
Transportation 600
Debts 400
Medical 115

Reality for this month
4150 Income
Charitable Donations 0
Savings 225
Rent 1575
Utilities 423
Food 700
Transportation 791
Debts 0
Medical 0
Misc 400
Total 4114 35 roll over to groceries for march

its the exact same amount of money just distributed in a very ineffective manner 😦
Our goal for March is to pay insurance in full, pay bills (obviously) and rock the savings since we will be getting 500 off rent for three months…end/beg of each month I will be doing this to see how we do 🙂 and let you follow along! Please make your own budget and show me I would love to see what everyone else does 🙂

Now for a YUMMY thrifty treat!
Home Made Falafel
stolen from Epicurious
1 cup dried chickpeas
1/2 large onion, roughly chopped (about 1 cup)
2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley
2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantro
1 teaspoon salt
1/2-1 teaspoon dried hot red pepper
4 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon baking powder
4-6 tablespoons flour
Soybean or vegetable oil for frying
Chopped tomato for garnish
Diced onion for garnish
Diced green bell pepper for garnish
Tahina sauce
Pita bread
print a shopping list for this recipe


1. Put the chickpeas in a large bowl and add enough cold water to cover them by at least 2 inches. Let soak overnight, then drain. Or use canned chickpeas, drained.
2. Place the drained, uncooked chickpeas and the onions in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a steel blade. Add the parsley, cilantro, salt, hot pepper, garlic, and cumin. Process until blended but not pureed.
3. Sprinkle in the baking powder and 4 tablespoons of the flour, and pulse. You want to add enough bulgur or flour so that the dough forms a small ball and no longer sticks to your hands. Turn into a bowl and refrigerate, covered, for several hours.
4. Form the chickpea mixture into balls about the size of walnuts, or use a falafel scoop, available in Middle-Eastern markets.
5. Heat 3 inches of oil to 375 degrees in a deep pot or wok and fry 1 ball to test. If it falls apart, add a little flour. Then fry about 6 balls at once for a few minutes on each side, or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Stuff half a pita with falafel balls, chopped tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and pickled turnips. Drizzle with tahina thinned with water.

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