Rock Star Review Wednesday! *Shaklee* and a GIVEAWAY

Spring has finally stumbled upon us, so has spring cleaning…well, okay, Im at least some what attempting to at least clean up the muddy foot prints from spring 😉 I prefer healthier cleaning solutions and since I cannot convince CJ that Vinegar is a totally viable option I use Shaklee…have you heard about it? Neither had I until a couple years ago when a friend (Becky thats you!) gave me a small sample of hers to try and uhm I am still using that same sample! I clean my house multiple times a day and knowing that what I am washing my floors with wont kill my kids is frickin awesome in my book! I also use the dish washing soap which I officially love…one small drop can get me through all of my pots and pans and that makes me 😀 especially because it doesn’t leave a lovely soapy taste after the fact!!! I know I am blabbing about how much I LOVE SHAKLEE but I really do. I find it effecient, non caustic and I can make it last forever so to me its frugal. I have the awesome privledge of knowing an awesome Shaklee Rep Jessica her website is Yea she is kinda like the bestest ever! So wunna try out this rockin give away?
Ways to enter
Refer a friend and have them comment that you referred them (you both get an entry)
Send a message to Jessica Hansen Wurtsbaugh on facebook
I will announce a winner in one week from today!
So please play and win so you can enjoy this awesome cleaning product!

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