Life and WTF is up with this blog!

I know it’s RockStar revew Wednesday but since I’ve been an the flight -airhead- for the last few weeks plus we had an issue with a sneaky person (winner from the shaklee giveaway will be notified and I will be sending your prize 😉
Well…where have you been? You may be asking…well as the weather warms my children insist on playing outside (as is obvious by the mountains of unfolded laundry), craft season is in toe also soo…I have been making bows and clothes as fast as possible and alas as fast as I can make them they are sold…not complaining at all just a little bewildered!
Sadly my blogging has been slacking ad well as my housekeeping and cooking :eek!: but I am going to bust out a delish taco salad for your stomach pleasures!

So if your like me, you probably remember your mom making something with rice-a-roni the San Francisco treat! Haha I remember is so well and it was soo good 🙂 but it was often accompanied by some horrid main dish like hamburger (obviously not my fave!) Alas I was like yum mango rice and Corey was like hell to the no :finger snap excluded: so I busted out my .25 cent rice-a-roni (coupons + sales = cheap unhealthy convenience food!), then I was all hmm okay we will just do boiled chicken and I won’t eat much…hmm I though that won’t fly so rummaging through my freezer I went and found a lonely salmon fillet! Score!!
So for dinner we are enjoying…
Parm and Ramono Rice-A-Roni with Artichoke Pesto chicken and Artichoke Pesto Fish!!! Yummy!
Make the rice as instructed
Take 2 tbs pesto and rub on chicken breast
Combine 1 tsp pesto 1 tsp butter rub on fish
Bake at 350 for 20 minutes…
The Final Product…

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