Hello Blogosphere its nice to see you my old friend…

Hell is more like it LOL all three of my kids have been battling a mix of pink eye, pharyngitis and the flu for two weeks now 😦 and with the fast approaching start of craft fair season I have been all but MIA so I digress and will once again apologize!
So we finally filed the dreaded taxes and all went seemingly well…then HR Block didnt submit them :banghead: well the next day no lie I got something in the mail from our second mortgage ($40k loan) the are willing to setting for….395.01!!!!! I was like hellz ya! So we are now almost completely settled and done with this! I am hoping to NOT get a 1099 c which is a wipe out debt because then you pay taxes on the ENTIRE loan if we owe the 3000 difference we pay it and are done but with the 1099c we will owe 10k in taxes 😦 So say a prayer for us there!
Well I just realized just how badly I smell (a mix of child vomit and garlic scallops) so I am off to shower…but not with out a yummy recipe first…you guessed it galic scallop sauce!

Being a southern girl from ya know the ocean I love me some sea food!
So last nigth as a treat cus my day SUCKED I decided to make scallops (best time when the kids have the flu and wont ask for any…so selfish)
1 pound scallop
4 aspargus stalks chopped
1/2 white onion minced
1 cup butter
2 tablespoons of minced garlic

sautee the aspargus and onion in butter
add garlic sautee until soft
add scallops put top on sauce pan
let cook for 2 minutes then flip scallops
lets cook for 3 minutes make sure they are done and serve over pasta or rice or choice!


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