Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Y’all! Anyone have big plans? :Raises Hand: MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME! I DO!!!! I am going to (are you ready?) Entertain my offspring LOL! And drink a but load of coffee! Have yall seen the amazing super free/cheap stuff that is going on because of Earth Day? Free admission into national parks (Rock Star!), free coffee at the Bucks (starbucks that is) if you bust out your travel mug! (Now for some spamming!) I have that friend who sells shaklee (BTW The lady that won you have been emailed can you email Jessica back please!) well she had to tell me about this thing they have goin on for Earth Day well they are offering specials (yay) free stuff (double yay) and if you spend $30 you can get a free lifetime membership (can we say discount cleaning products.) Okay the only reason I am even down to post this is cus I have got to get the germ wipes LOL My family has been deeply infected with the plague to end all plagues. It started with a soar throat, then RSV, the Bronchitis…so with antibiotics, steroids and anti-virals we are mostly healthy again! Yay! So here is my game plan….get all the germ wipes I can…and go clean the FUCK out of McDonalds play area….


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