There is a reason I cant lose weight….

And its cheese!! Im not talking craft singles or cheddar but ya know 17 bucks a pound baby swiss kinda goodness! I can afford a good cheese about once a month and I adore and baby it I nimble and fondle it (okay maybe not fondle it) but today I used it! I made it pow and bang and WOW! I talked to my mom this afternoon and she told me she made awesome mac and chees with Velveeta, American Cheese, Pepperjack, and list of craptastic pre-shredded cheese and I was… INSPIRED!!!!!
So here is a recipe for mac and cheese!!!!
Noodles (your choice) 1/2 a package
1/8 bar of velveeta
1 oz baby swiss
1 oz brie
tiny splash drunken goat gouda
.3 oz kasseri
Splash of Milk
2 tbsp or so of butter
Hint of garlic sauce and enjoy
You can thank me later 😉

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