Summer is Upon Us!

I am so excited for summer! Next year I will have kids in Kindergarten take 2, Preschool and one at home 😦 It really makes me want to cry that my babies are growing up soo quickly…but such is life, right? Well, I have decided to have a wildly extravagent summer for…free! Yup, you read that correctly Free!!! Okay, well, maybe not CoMpLeTeLy free but CLOSE to free! I have come up with some fun homeschool projects (cost of supplies) and some super fun things to do in the Denver/Boulder area. These includes story times, free projects at Grandrabbits, water feature parks, slip n slides *with hopefully no broken bones*, the rec center (we have a pass) and maybe a few paid things like the zoo, WoW Mueseum and an awesome party at Monkey Business…we are so excited for summer and we will be posting our weekly adventures and pictures (and then scrapbooking them all for future reference *and a fun christmas present for the kids*)! Please share your awesome summer too!

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