Frugal is Fun especially when organizing

So…organizing…I love to organize but I suck at keeping up with it!
Yesterday I started sorting through kids clothes prepping for season and growth 😦 I dont want them to grow any more!!
But I got some awesome lists to help with the prep for the organizing from and the links they have!!
Check them out 🙂
I really like the school prep and party planning and the lunch box notes ❤

Getting Organized

I know it may not seem like it but I am the single most disorganized person on the face of the earth (and my house is a mess) so with school only 6 short weeks away (between camping swim lessons dr appointment dentist appointments enrolling in sports etc) so I decide to…duh duh duuuu organize! I know Holy Shit!! Well first I pierced my lip now I am going to organize!!! I am going to drag y’all with me too!
Day 1 – I became a retailer for and for right now (until 7/31/11) I will be offering 30% off anything they carry! email me at

I got the momagenda mini 🙂