Three Organizational Tools I couldnt live with out and why

I tend to take on too much for my own good, I have always been this way and as such I have always been on the look out (okay desperately searching) for the perfect planner! Something that has room for work, PTCO, Kids and everything they come with and lots and lots of to-do lists. Well here is what I came up with and how I use them

2011-2012 momAgenda Mini-Daily-
The MomAgenda Mini Daily this little dude is FANTASTIC and this is why
-Its Page-A-Day lay out
-Has a to-do list for each day (where I put my work to dos)
-Has a space for each of my kids with 3 lines in each space and one for my husband (or one for four kids 😉 )
-Has a space for dinner
-Plenty of room for me to write up -PTCO duties, Meetings, Call SOANDSO and so on
-momEssentials so I dont lose or forget all my info (like insurance cards and website info on the go)
-Includes a space for music, fashion, restaurants, wine :love:, health, fitness, gift records,entertaining resources, parties,vacation ideas, vacation planning, and space for notes (like kids school lists and questions for well child appointments.
I absolutely adore this planner!!!

momAgenda Kitchen Folio
The Momagenda Kitchen Folio– My God send saving grace for my house and my life
We use so many different pages for this! I am going to draw this out and let everyone know our tabs and where we get our printables (because I have had a ton ask)
Home info- it’s the first page that come with it
Phone numbers- important phone numbers included/home related phone numbers included
Family medical info- included
Birthdays and anniversary- included
Websites and passwords – included (also do my acct info for bills)
Vacation packing list- downloadable on
Party planning- downloadable from
Birthday party planning- (invites go in the back of this until we send them out)
Emergency plan-
Fall/spring cleaning-
Monthly spending-
Meal planning pages-
Jayden school
Brett school
Stock pile
Sports receipts

I love this and I need it to live lo!!

Apple iPhone 3G
My iPhone

Because with pen and paper I can do a lot but I cannot check my email or surf the web hehe


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