Costco Store #1

The total was much higher than I had hoped this is what I got…given many of these items will last well into the 3-6 month range (10 lbs of oat meal, a zillion corn tortillas and 5 dozen eggs (hard boiled and frozen) but it is still painful 😦 Although I have noticed many of the items I normally buy at Costco are cheaper (by like $5 a pound) on sale at the grocer

Quaker Oats 6.89 for 10 lbs
Eggs 6.49 for 5 dozen
Organic Peanut Butter 8.59 for 2
Corn Tortilla 2.59
Wheat Tortilla 4.59
Cascade Pacs 16.99 -3.50coupon 13.49
Frozen Organic Blueberry 9.29
Snap Peas 5.99
Ground Beef 19.49 for 6.5 lbs
Nutella 8.99 for 2
Pancake Mix 6.39

MISC Non Food Items
Carters Sleeper for DD (she has outgrown all her PJs) 7.99
Childrens Book for a birthday gift 5.99

Total 112.40


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