Why Sunday is My Favorite Frugal Day

I love Sunday! I really do, I use to think Sundays sucked because it meant the weekend was almost over but now I think first thing in the morning *I’m going to run to Walgreens and get the paper!* I usually drive there in reality and I get my Sunday Post and I race home and I rip out all the delicious coupons! All the little pieces of shiney money.

When I started couponing I didnt view it the way I do now- I saw them as a pain and not as money going back into my pocket or never leaving my pocket to begin with. Even in the last two shopping weekends I look at my totals and think Holy Crap I have saved soo much extra money that can now be utilized for things like gas or savings.

Today is a particularly fantastic Sunday because of the overwhelming amount of coupon booklets 🙂

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