Life in My House…

Has been mellow but hectic lately…sounds a little ironic, ya? Well, we had swim and gymnastics in two different place at the same time on Saturday- this to most wouldn’t be an issue but for us it is because…we only have one car! So, I had to drop CJ and Brett off and then stick Emmy in the gym daycare and Jay into swim lessons…then reverse that scenario 40 minutes later to pick Cj and Brett up. Then we went home and cleaned, okay, in all honesty I has been sick and CJ cleaned :love him: Yesterday we went up to CJs moms house and I was not unhappy to go but worried it would use the rest of my gas, no bueno since I have to go into Boulder this week, but alas I still have a quarter tank to get me through this week, not enough but I will only need to put $20 in my tank before CJ gets paid on Friday!

Well, on our way home we had a chance to get to work on a solid budget for this upcoming year (after all the bills and rent are paid…so tentatively this is the plan

Extra toward truck/FFEF/’Mortgage’- 763.45 
(will be paying off the truck the doing FFEF, then setting up an account to pay a ‘mortgage’ so we can pay like its a loan even though its just saving for a place)

New Vehicle/Maintenance Savings- 470 
*will start after the truck is paid off*

CSA 110.75
*will be less since we found a less expensive CSA*
Family Pix 8.50

Insurance *life and car* 111

Sports 334 
(Brett just made pre-team in gymnastics so cost has gone up)
This covers

Gymnastics x3
Including gas to and from

Christmas (whole fam) 40

Birthdays (me, dh, kids) 21

Clothes 83.30
For kids and CJ and myself

Co-Pays/Opt etc 142
Covers Co-Pays (30 to reg dr, 50 to allergist, Dental work for all of us, and an ER visit)

Extras (fun money) 40

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