The wonders of fall

I have a friend named Lauren who adores all things Autumn from pumpkins to fallen leaves, as an adult I had so much trouble embracing the wonder she saw in the season. Yesterday while maneuvering through forts made autumn leaves and broken sticks with Jayden as my guide, the wonders of fall came back to me. The crisp cool air bristling against our cheeks and the gentle waves of the lake at our feet I was back in my childhood on the lake, running and jumping into over sized piles of orange and yellow crunchy leaves. Giggling and embracing every scrape from the mystically colored woods and enjoying the fact that it was a touch too cool for the Mosquitos to be out. Yesterday was an absolute repeat of the joy of my childhood and for the first time in a longtime I got to enjoy the smell and scenes of Autumn, reminding me once again when I let go of my ambitions for my children they will lead me to magic; amazing and imaginative forts and stories…

Playing in the water

The Fort

My guide

Battle the Brush

Funny kiddos

My world

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