Monday Madness and a Menu

Sigh…Sorry about my crappy blog upkeep last week 😦 I have been sick :cough cough: )

The boys went to grandmas saturday night after the pumpkin patch and had a blast, Jayden has athletes foot, I call the swimming pool, CJ thinks the gym…either way :yuck: 

Jay has A4A today and even though I feel like shit I am thinking I am going to swing by and grab some shots for the year book, honestly, I am really excited about this and that CJ has next monday off so I can get pics of the halloween party for the year book 🙂

To be honest I am feeling not so manic or anything madness-y about this monday, the homework is done, breakfast is made and consumed, clothes are on and back packs packed…the littles and I are going to the park and library while Jay is at school…should be fun

This Weeks Menu 

Picture of a Man and Woman Eating Cereal for Breakfast
Slowcooker oatmeal
pancake muffins
waffle strips

pasta w/broc pesto
hard boiled eggs with sides
leftover curry
Chicken Pot Pie
Butternut Squash Risotto
Mac + Beef Bake
Peanut Curry w/ tempura veggies
zuch lasagna
Not a lot but we go shopping Saturday!! 

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