Im a Scrooge and I know it!

Everyone has a holiday that they dislike, something that just is meaningless, and maybe its because I have no soul, but I dispise Christmas. I love it for my kids and I love the events, the decorating and baking and shat not leading up to the day but the actual event itself makes me incredibly depressed, as does buying stuff for people who dont like me because it is the polite thing to do. As is the tradition we will spend this holiday season with my in laws (we have done this for the last 7 years; although the first couple years we would also go visit my aunt and uncle which was a little more like home) and I will sit there a little begrudgingly not because I dislike my in laws but because I miss celebrating Christmas at home, I miss relaxing for the holiday. I was probably 13 when my mom was over the gifts, the hoopla and she started a new tradition of fighting with her ex-husband in the keys while we swam and enjoyed the magical and majestic sunrises and devine ocean in shades of blue you can only imagine. I miss you Florida Keys, this christmas and everyone for the last 7 years. I will see you next Christmas though! Because next year I am leaving the drama and sadness here and I am taking my kids (and husband) to Disney for Christmas and shortly there after we will make the 5 hour drive to the Keys and Lauderdale by the Sea. Until then I will mourn another Christmas in a snowy place. I will also celebrate the magic and all that this holiday should mean to my children and enjoy them! I love my babies and I want them to have everything in this holiday I never did.  

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