I rock out with my Sock out ;)

I have a cold, a bad stinkin, gross COLD with like a head ache and snot….blech! The kids were at grandmas for the weekend and I finished! I cleaned, decorated and wrapped the gifts (as well as getting the last of my gifts!!!)
So heres my list with my price break down! What was your list like, how much did you spend? Did you score?

I am done, I spent 322 total, I have everything wrapped and ready to go
I shopped for
DH – Wrench Set $140
DS1- Farm set, knee pads, finger skate board, sweater, long sleeved tee, phineas and ferb water bottle, placemat, grinch board game, i-spy card game $40
DS2- Farm Set, sweater, toy story placemat, plate, cup, leap frog card game, chalk, animal set $56
DD- PBK Kitchen, Cabbage Patch Doll (and outfit), puzzle, leggings, princess placemat, plate and cup $35.50
SIL picture frame $2
BIL Sweat shirt free
MIL- Necklace $20
SMIL- Picture frame $2
Niece and Nephew- travel bags $20 total

I feel like I did pretty well considering DH had the most expensive gift and everything else is either new or nearly new (pbk kitchen is nearly new from the thrift store for $20)

My GEM was the Kitchen and the Cabbage patch doll which is 35 at walmart and I snagged for $2

Pics coming momentarily

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