Foreclosure Questions

We’ve been trying for the last year to short sale our house, with no success. The bank foreclosed and sold the house at auction earlier this month. From those who’ve had this experience anything I should watch out for in the next year? I got a bill for over a thousand in property taxes – do I still need to pay that? Will the bank actually come after us for any of the money? I’m pushing hubby to talk to a lawyer so we can have some idea of what to expect as fallout because I have no idea.

And I am now a renter for life. Home owning sucks !

You wont be getting a bill for the house if the house sold for what you owe for it OR if you willingly left in a Cash for Keys situation.

If you have an outstanding Property Tax bill call the county and ask who is liable for it the case of a foreclosure

You dont need to talk to a lawyer, call HUD (housing and urban development) in your area and they will answer your questions

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