Goals ?!?

As a mother I often feel as though I am short in one way or another. Im frequently questioning myself, my motives and my follow through. I often find myself feeling that if this was my only roll in life I would be better at it. I mean in school you are the student, at home you were the child as an adult all of a sudden I found myself a mother, wife, banker, student, teacher, enforcer, fixer and so much more. I often find myself with list upon list, goals and tracking in an attempt to control my world my amidst my lists, charts and journals I forgot one thing- me

Busy busy

I figured going back to school for Jayden would slow the chaos in my life, except all of a sudden we find ourselves commanded by God to be leading a huge small group (12 adults 18 kids), to be open to more kids and to really be living, walking and loving others in our walk with Him! Super crazy, we have felt like this was coming for sometime just without knowledge of how and when and what started before Christmas break as us and another family jumped to large proportions and great heights!! Super amazing and super crazy for us! Yawn, where’s my coffee?

Happy New Year!

I can not believe its 2012~ Can you? I am excited for the prospect of new and exciting ventures, and goals!! I ❤ me some goals 🙂 LOVE LOVE GOALS!
This Christmas vacay has been cray cray! Okay, I promise I won’t ever say cray cray again. We found out we were expecting and then lost the baby, well really it was a ball of fetal cells…not that I particularly believe that, but God came to me in a dream and it was really intense and so much that I am actually working on the really intense post to go with it! I know that is kind of a cliff hanger but God really is working with us in a huge way!

Okay any way the reason for todays post was not just another barely there keep holding post but really a revue of our budget and what that is looking like for us this year.

Obviously this will change month by month!

1575 Rent
160 Gas
178 Phones
170 XCEL
100 Water
463 Truck
400 Grocery
112 Insurance
40 Net
54 Gym
189 Gymnastics
 total bills

84 Clinica
84 Clinica
420 ER
503 Tuition
8200 Truck


Extras will come from selling scrap metals and bonus’ at work! Everything else will come from the pay checks I used this budget sheet
I love getbuttonedup.com it works beautifully with my momagenda kitchen Folio!
I am excited to rock a minimalist year with lots of posts and hopefully a great open heart to God that I can share with you