I have always felt really called to homeschooling, and brushed it off with- *Im* not patient, *Im* not smart enough, etc.

Well Jay has struggled- not academically but socially and with teasing and not being happy with the lack of one on one attention. So this summer we will be homeschooling, we will start independently and of it goes well we will move on to cova which is Colorados free online homeschool. Today we start with Accountable Kids, homework and the park…tomorrow who knows

It's spring…almost

With weather in the high 60s today we had church at home, lunch/g store and a long walk/jog to the lake and back with a yummy dinner
I c a n n o t w a i t f o r s p r i n g

This spring/summer agenda?
Kick off w St Pattys dinner
CJ turns 30
Spartan race
Bolder Boulder
Climb a 14’r
And soo much more