I have always felt really called to homeschooling, and brushed it off with- *Im* not patient, *Im* not smart enough, etc.

Well Jay has struggled- not academically but socially and with teasing and not being happy with the lack of one on one attention. So this summer we will be homeschooling, we will start independently and of it goes well we will move on to cova which is Colorados free online homeschool. Today we start with Accountable Kids, homework and the park…tomorrow who knows

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling

  1. Good job mama! Just read your post on DS and yes your room looks great! Mine are 23m and 7m and I KNOW we will be homeschooling because it is just right for our family. You rock!

  2. Because he is being teased is not a reason to take your child out of school. He needs that social experience so he can learn how to be around all different kinds of people. Your just going to make things harder for him in the long run by avoiding reality.

  3. While I appreciate your concern for our reasons as to why we want to homeschool, upon much more soul searching it has developed into much deeper reasons. He isn't enjoying school, he isn't learning as much as he can/wants and its the right choice for our family right now. That all being said socially the kids will be attending a full day of school one day a week, a nature group one morning a week, a general homeschool group another day a week and a gym program one day a week. Not to mention gymnastics, t-ball, football and soccer. We will only be homeschooling through 3rd grade or so. I didn't get into the teasing aspect too much in the post because its more than teasing, more like physical violence that was not properly addressed. I am sorry if you dont agree with our parenting choices, over the summer (already started) we will homeschool and we will continue, if it goes well, into the school year. PS I graduated from High School homeschooling- socially I am more scarred from elementary bullying than my homeschooling time.

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