What a weekend

As I sit in my shorty 2-40s hospital room waiting for him to wake up it brings light and introspect to so much I have found so stressful in recent days.

Well since your probably all wondering why shorty 2-40 aka Brett is in a hospital room asleep, it’s because wen they wrote No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed they meant it as a fair warning to all parents that when they bump their body parts they break!! Well shorty 2-40 jumped off the ottoman and bumped his elbow aka broke it- then they surgically pinned it back together like this. He’s okay, only 3 weeks in his cast, this type of break has least bad, middle bad and worst his is the middle.

So…introspect, I have been stressed about the cervical cancer diagnoses (if I didn’t mention it- I have cervical cancer, it sucks, but they got clean margins during surgery), moving (so stressful- but God is working in our favor) and my decision to homeschool because I am getting some resistance from family (impossible commitments and CJ not understanding this will be in lieu of school and not just in addition to it) so needless to say my plate is full and my burden is heavy. I have been praying for rest in Christ, to let go of my yoke and to pick up his and to give him my burden and to shoulder his- Matt 11:30 for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. I feel like I may be praying for the wrong thing though, maybe I should be praying for more understanding of Gods plan for and my family. I am excited still to homeschool and while my plan is thrown off for this week I’m still going to do my best to rock out the rest of the week with lots of games and fun for the kiddos!

I promised my hs schedule for this week and while I don’t have time right now for everything and links to activities I can tell you we are going to do 5 days of pond/Eco system with earth day being this weekend I will be able to swing that as a field trip day and go into one specific part of the pond Eco-system next week. This past Saturday we saw The Lorax which was amazing and a great way to start this unit!! We will be incorporating Genesis and creation as well as Noah’s Ark into our study!! Being in Colorado, conservation is huge, so we will study where we live next week too…I will post a plan and links soon!


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