Regrets in my parenting world

Yesterday I was sitting at the park with my good friend discussing circumcision, parenting and life. I came to the realization after the words left my mouth ‘I circ’d because I felt pressured’…I felt pressured, I was doubting my ability to teach my children, children I loved, birthed, know wholey, adore…I was doubting my ability to teach my children who I had been teaching since birth. I am not doubting because I lack education or funds for curriculum, social resources- no none of that…I am doubting because people tell me I can’t, won’t, my kids will be fucked up.
The saddest day of my life was the first days of Jaydens years in school 😦 i sent him to school because the school said this is when you do that, and now with Brett I am hearing that again. It hurts my heart, and I feel sad sending Jay back next year.

The only regrets I have parenting are the ones I let other people make for me I love the choices I have made- cloth diaper, home birth, not vaxxing, they were the right choices for me even if they aren’t the right choices for everyone. This is one choice I have decided I don’t care for outside opinions. I love my kids and I want to make choices with my husband that I may regret but will be happy we tried.


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