Stress free living…

I swore this year would be the year I showed my husband that I was interested in similar things as him and that I didn’t totally hate the great state of Colorado.

So today we went hiking at a place called sawhill ponds and to be honest I didn’t hate it. It’s the first hike since my surgery and a precursor to a run I intend to take tomorrow! The exercise was minimal, which all good although Jayden made numerous mention of my very fat and jiggly upper hips- maybe its time to start body rock at 6 am before they are awake.

The scenery was lovely, like what you see on discovery channel when they refer to high desert-cacti included. We saw some amazing raptors that had mated and lay eggs, painted turtles, a goose and her nest as well as a ton of fish!! We got to talk about indigenous wildlife and what that means and really explore science hands on!! Which was super fun

So while I may be the color of an over ripe strawberry (freckles included) I can say from where I’m laying I don’t hate Colorado, for right now anyway


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