I used to be a good writer…

I was just reading through some of my old blog posts on the giggling green beans blog- wow! My pieces were filled with knowledge, straight forward information with a gentle mama hand. Amazing, I sounded like a writer :jaw drop:

Once upon a time, I had dreamt of writing- not only writing but being a war correspondent. The drive came from a war correspondent, who while I was in high school went to OIF and was kidnapped and murdered, well more like tortured and I wanted that so bad. Not to be kidnapped andmurdered but to bring the raw, unadulterated, painful truth to the world. They would read my words, my raw emotion backed by fact and resources and they would believe me. I just knew they would…they had to. Except I never made it to OIF, I never made it to any war or to CU school of journalism, fuck I barely made it through the two journalism classes my lowly community college offered.

I tried but i failed at my dream…Not because I didnt want to but because I was pregnant or had just had a new baby. I got a prized internship to a magazine…but I never showed up- I was huge, pregnant and dare I say it ashamed!! I wanted to write but I let go of that dream to be a mama. Well until yesterday.

Yesterday, I applied to a freelance writing position and while it’s merely a position within a company who contracts for writers…maybe one day I will be a writer…wish me luck


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