Our new house has a terrarium window in the kitchen so I stole some herbs from my lovely neighbor Nichole’s garden, so far my seedling basil, chives from my backyard and sweet basil from her yard are looking good but the lemon thyme may not make it. I have harvested and am drying some lemon thyme, the slow way!

Sweet Circus

Our move is fast approaching only 2.5 weeks!! So, naturally opt to go to the circus! I have never been to a circus, here are my sweet babies at the circus!!!

Although this weekend we did some stuff done, like a garage sale, started my herb garden, donated a ton of stuff to goodwill and finished sanding the wardrobe (to be painted tomorrow!). I am so not ready do move but so excited! I will be posting a step by step trellis how to tomorrow!!

My All To Emotional Week

I loathe the last day of school, I have ever since I was a child, nearly as much as I despise the first day of school. I disliked it as a child because it meant saying good bye to my friends as an adult I look at yesterday as the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, one I may not be prepared for emotionally albeit welcoming physically. Yesterday was the official (ish) inauguration of my sweet Jayden into first grade and my baby boy Brett into Kindergarten. I have never seen two boys so excited and Jayden so distraught over the possibilities of what the unknown world of first grade could be.

As a mother I know my job is to give my children Roots and Wings, if ever a thing my mother taught that would be it. I am just amazed at how quickly my mind flits from roots, being sweet babies and elementary school to high school graduations. So much so that I demanded yesterday from this year on he take the first day of school morning off, he asked why and fighting back tears I explained as calmly as I could that first days of school are the things you remember when they are graduating from college. I love my kids I want them to go to college just not so soon, regardless of how far it is it seems too close.

I still don’t like the first day of school, I am no good at it but this week the last day of school is breaking my heart. 

Beauty Comes in Many Forms

And this week it’s a $35 wardrobe!
That is going from zero to hero!

Who ever thought to take a gorgeous oak wardrobe and spray paint it maroon is crazy!! We are going white with buttermilk cream trellis! I am so excited! I will teach you the step by step of how to rock this makeover for under 50 (including the 35 for the furniture!!!)

So until tomorrow!!!

I Promised…

An awesome design post yesterday and I didn’t follow through and for that I am truly sorry! I have been hit with some high and lows and information I am still battling to process.

As you may be able to tell by the name of this blog I have been through a foreclosure, it was our forever home, the place our children were born and the bad choice we made as kids that has followed us up until now. Corey turned 30 last month and we are still dealing with this choice that he made when he was 22. It sucks, we have worked so hard to get away from it, to dig ourselves out of this monumental financial hole, and it hasn’t been easy.

I talked to a second lien holder yesterday to learn that they want to garnish wages, ignore a 1099 c and would like me to give them permission to enter and assess a property I don’t own. I can not legally allow them to do that. We are now researching and looking into the concept and prospect of bankruptcy and with that we will be able to qualify (after A LOT OF WORK) for an FHA loan, which would be awesome we have a lot of work to do anyway. To be quite frank I can’t decide if I am more scared of bankruptcy (although how much worse can it get?!) or getting ourselves into trouble with a mortgage again. I hate paying for my truck but I figure I pay rent anyway and we could very possibly buy the house we are going to be renting with 20% down in two years and that is SO exciting and SO TERRIFYING! I am notorious from being too stubborn to learn from my mistakes…I don’t want to get into trouble again and what if we try soooo hard and can’t fix Coreys credit what ifs and been there and done thats are racing through my mind like no ones business….

Bad financial choices suck. I hate being in a place where I am paying for someones bad choices and being screwed because we were dumb…

Spray Paint is Taking Me Over!

And I love it! With the need for fun, easy ways to make my old stuff new again my lovely friend Becky suggested in her oh so Becky-ness spray paint!! And why wouldn’t she? Between krylon and rust oleum they have just about every color ever! These projects are just the beginning, things I can do at home with what I have at home. Once we move I will painting new goodies!

So, have you ever wondered how to spray paint? Dumb as it may sound there is an art to this art form!
Use 150 grit sandpaper and sand your goodies down
Use primer (I like kilz) and spray a coat on your project
Let the kilz dry
Spray paint
Let dry
Apply second coat
* always make sure your intended surface is clean and dry!*

Here are a couple of our projects over the last three days the aqua frames and heirloom white mirror are rust oleom and the bright white frames are krylon- I like the rust oleum better personally.

The aqua frames used to be black and the mirror was gold and black and now they are fab!!!

I would love to see your spray paint love so link it up!

Free Ladders…

I have systematically gone through each room of our new house and designed it in my head, except my brain is hopped up on sugar and caffeine and I don’t actually live there yet so I haven’t actually done anything nor do I have measurements for rooms and what not! But yesterday I went to my mother in laws house and found this darling sofa table in their pile of things to be fixed, so post move I am going to pick it up, fix it, and paint it white for under our new mirror (well new because of spray paint…look for the Spray Paint Has Consumed Me post!) I am LOVING it! I also found an old wooden ladder with tons of water damage that I will pick up and do something like this

But Painted Aqua for all of my Grandfathers History and Encyclopedias! How fab?! I love to read so I will now have a place to put books!!!
I am so excited to display different family pictures, mix it up, and even add some family silhouettes! I am hoping to do rock cottage meets modern twist with an emphasis on ease, fun and clean! The challenge is…how cheep can we do it? Total thus far $16 for spray paint, primer and a table cloth- goal under $100 (not including our new bed and bedding for the boys!)

Happy Mothers Day

This is my 7th Mothers Day! I got a sweet handmade card from J which said I was Koot aka Cute!

This is a new and different type of Mothers Day for me. I am not angry with my husband for not following through with whatever idea he had for Mothers Day (although he appears to be angry with himself!) I am not depressed for lack of a card. I am nothing short of happy for my family, my dorky husband and my great kids (I do wish they would get dressed!)

The Mothers Day I have my mind in bigger and better places! Like decorating our new Home, a place we will live for a very long time! I have some secretly awesome plans to surprise CJ for fathers day/our anniversary…which I can share here because he doesn’t read my blog!! I am hoping to get him a flat screen TV, I told him that I was going to help him set up a shop, which I will but he will be OVER THE MOON!!!!

Now on to real decorating!!

just to start!! I will update as my list and projects come along!!

We Are Moving…

But you already knew that! The lovely Becky came over yesterday and she is going through our big beautiful, victorian furniture and she is going to help me move toward a more bright airy cottage feel We will be moving into a cute little Miners House (which we get to go see tomorrow!!!) and we need light and bright pieces to make the space look bigger! I will be posting each project and how-to or how-not-to as we go along and take our mundane and make it BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL!!