Separating family from work…

I love my family. I love writing. I am terrible at separating the two!

I am currently writing for two companies, they are what is called content mills. I write 4 articles a day so two to three hours a day. My initial inclination is to work while the kids are up, say suck it to my blog and house and just right all.the.time. This is not a good plan and logically I am aware of that!

Let me give a touch of background…I said content mill- what exactly does that mean? It means I get paid between .07 cents (yes a fraction of a penny) to 2.1 cents per word written. While this pay is not desirable, it won’t be what I am making in the long run! I have been out of the game for 7 years aside from my blog…so now it’s a matter of solid time management, honing my skills and becoming a free lance ghost-writer or SEO Freelancer!

At any rate…now, I like many other parents have to figure out how to delegate my time between motherhood, home management, moving, PTCO, summer homeschool, small group and writing!!

With all that said, I must admit my momAgenda day planner is my life saver :love:


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