A New Week…

As the weekend dwindles down to mere hours until Monday comes to assault us once again, I feel like reflecting on what the last week has held for me, for my family.

This last week has been a huge in changing my view of things. I have learned that time is not mine, but truly Gods- we were all set and making plans to move to North Carolina and Whitey called and told us he had found us a house in the town we would ideally prefer to raise our kids in and the best part its 325 dollars less than we pay now! This is wonderful its a block from the boys school (yes, the boys will be staying in public school).

This last week has taught me a lesson in time management…that may seem strange, but time management has always been a challenge for me, partially because of my perfectionist behaviors which coincide with my obsessive tendencies. Well, at any rate, I started freelance writing a week ago Saturday and since Wednesday I have actually delegated time to writing and research only in the evenings! So four days a week I will be writing for two to three hours for money…which is awesome and will leave me three days a week to write to all my lovely readers!!

This last week has opened doors for me to give to you…including my first of hopefully many giveaways!! I am excited to bring this to those who follow me and my mindless brain chatter 🙂

This week has helped me slowly become a better mama, writer and oddly enough wife. Heres to another good week!

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