Happy Mothers Day

This is my 7th Mothers Day! I got a sweet handmade card from J which said I was Koot aka Cute!

This is a new and different type of Mothers Day for me. I am not angry with my husband for not following through with whatever idea he had for Mothers Day (although he appears to be angry with himself!) I am not depressed for lack of a card. I am nothing short of happy for my family, my dorky husband and my great kids (I do wish they would get dressed!)

The Mothers Day I have my mind in bigger and better places! Like decorating our new Home, a place we will live for a very long time! I have some secretly awesome plans to surprise CJ for fathers day/our anniversary…which I can share here because he doesn’t read my blog!! I am hoping to get him a flat screen TV, I told him that I was going to help him set up a shop, which I will but he will be OVER THE MOON!!!!

Now on to real decorating!!

just to start!! I will update as my list and projects come along!!

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