Spray Paint is Taking Me Over!

And I love it! With the need for fun, easy ways to make my old stuff new again my lovely friend Becky suggested in her oh so Becky-ness spray paint!! And why wouldn’t she? Between krylon and rust oleum they have just about every color ever! These projects are just the beginning, things I can do at home with what I have at home. Once we move I will painting new goodies!

So, have you ever wondered how to spray paint? Dumb as it may sound there is an art to this art form!
Use 150 grit sandpaper and sand your goodies down
Use primer (I like kilz) and spray a coat on your project
Let the kilz dry
Spray paint
Let dry
Apply second coat
* always make sure your intended surface is clean and dry!*

Here are a couple of our projects over the last three days the aqua frames and heirloom white mirror are rust oleom and the bright white frames are krylon- I like the rust oleum better personally.

The aqua frames used to be black and the mirror was gold and black and now they are fab!!!

I would love to see your spray paint love so link it up!

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