I Promised…

An awesome design post yesterday and I didn’t follow through and for that I am truly sorry! I have been hit with some high and lows and information I am still battling to process.

As you may be able to tell by the name of this blog I have been through a foreclosure, it was our forever home, the place our children were born and the bad choice we made as kids that has followed us up until now. Corey turned 30 last month and we are still dealing with this choice that he made when he was 22. It sucks, we have worked so hard to get away from it, to dig ourselves out of this monumental financial hole, and it hasn’t been easy.

I talked to a second lien holder yesterday to learn that they want to garnish wages, ignore a 1099 c and would like me to give them permission to enter and assess a property I don’t own. I can not legally allow them to do that. We are now researching and looking into the concept and prospect of bankruptcy and with that we will be able to qualify (after A LOT OF WORK) for an FHA loan, which would be awesome we have a lot of work to do anyway. To be quite frank I can’t decide if I am more scared of bankruptcy (although how much worse can it get?!) or getting ourselves into trouble with a mortgage again. I hate paying for my truck but I figure I pay rent anyway and we could very possibly buy the house we are going to be renting with 20% down in two years and that is SO exciting and SO TERRIFYING! I am notorious from being too stubborn to learn from my mistakes…I don’t want to get into trouble again and what if we try soooo hard and can’t fix Coreys credit what ifs and been there and done thats are racing through my mind like no ones business….

Bad financial choices suck. I hate being in a place where I am paying for someones bad choices and being screwed because we were dumb…

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