My All To Emotional Week

I loathe the last day of school, I have ever since I was a child, nearly as much as I despise the first day of school. I disliked it as a child because it meant saying good bye to my friends as an adult I look at yesterday as the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, one I may not be prepared for emotionally albeit welcoming physically. Yesterday was the official (ish) inauguration of my sweet Jayden into first grade and my baby boy Brett into Kindergarten. I have never seen two boys so excited and Jayden so distraught over the possibilities of what the unknown world of first grade could be.

As a mother I know my job is to give my children Roots and Wings, if ever a thing my mother taught that would be it. I am just amazed at how quickly my mind flits from roots, being sweet babies and elementary school to high school graduations. So much so that I demanded yesterday from this year on he take the first day of school morning off, he asked why and fighting back tears I explained as calmly as I could that first days of school are the things you remember when they are graduating from college. I love my kids I want them to go to college just not so soon, regardless of how far it is it seems too close.

I still don’t like the first day of school, I am no good at it but this week the last day of school is breaking my heart. 

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