Moving is fun Because…

You can DIY haha

For realz my DIY projects are to the moon and back!! So, sense we have gotten rid of Internet I am going to do my best to post from the library once a week on things like budgeting, but once a week I will be bringing you an awesome DIY from my phone!! This week?!
Revamp the shade!
First grab your gnarly lamp shade
Next grab some awesome fabric (mine are circles from a dress I made once
Cut your fabric I did half circle around the bottom of my shade
Grab your adhesive spray or packing tape if you have no idea where your spray is 😉
Tape on!
Light up the room and watch your fabric shine through!!!

Moving Is Hard Work

Oh the choices we make!! Well we are officially moved but my house is a hot mess, as can be expected and one of my long frames the glass broke so I’m on the lookout for a new one at the thrift store bah humbug lol here are some quick pics of the progress of the dining room

Ahhh!!!! It’s crazy up in here!

We move tomorrow!!! My cabinets are barren and I get to drop off gifts to Gracie tonight!

I’m still asleep (coffee brewing) but I wanted to apologize for my few and far between posts this week we move tomorrow!! That pic is my ENTIrE cabinet contents!!

Tonight I get to help bless Gracie thanks to everyone’s generous donations!! Thank You All!

Meal Plan Monday

The sales this week were CRAZY! I am so excited!!!! 10 for 10 eggs?! 10 of 10 raspberries! Woot I was in HEAVEN

So My Meal Plan
Cinnamon Rolls
Breakfast Sandwiches
Bacon and Eggs
Fruit Salad
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Tenders
Meat and Cheese Sandwich
Crock Pot southwest chicken
Salad w/ meat and cheese
tacos with chicken
artichoke and oven fried chicken
chicken caesar salad
mexican salad
the g-list?
King Sooper
rasp 10/10
egg 10/10 (got 4)
english muffin (2) 1.75/ea
Plums .99/lb
cheese 5 (4) = 20
deli mean 5 (2)
bacon 3/99
smart balance 2.99-1 coupon= 1.99
peanut butter b2g1 @ 3.99/ea -10% discount
canned corn (3) 
black beans (3)
Cinnamon Rolls 2.99 – 1 coupon
Chicken breast (7lbs) 1.99/lb
Apple .99/lb x 3
Grape .88/lb x 3
artichoke 10/10 (got 5)
watermelon $1/3lbs 
onions .50 
Corey complained I didnt buy any food at all so I made him hot pockets from scratch and breakfast burritos from scratch and he quieted down right quick! I am soo pleased

Our New House

We got pics finally!! With move in being t minus 5 days I had to get some ideas!!
Emmys room

Dining Room from Kitchen
Worst Bathroom Pic Ever
Master bahaha
Boys Room
Dining Room again
Living Room
Kitchen from Living Room
Living room from Front Door

As They Sleep

Today I failed as a parent.

Wow. That’s humbling.

My boys knocked robins eggs out of the next in the front yard and killed the babies (because they opened the eggs) well I lost my shit. I yelled so loudly every neighbor on my block came outside as I told my kids they had killed, KILLED baby birds. Yup, that me shitty mom at 1821. I sucked. I know we all lose it but my kids killed birds and I lost it.

I thought Emmy was being a butt for not eating or wanting a bath and she wanted to wok. Now she is fast asleep. Beautiful and fast asleep.

I am Falsely Ambitious

I love to pretend to be ambitious and I am really good at two things- small projects and not following through!

I am great at small to mid sized projects ie the crafts and DIY I have on here because I love them! They are fun, easy and totally beneficial to me and my family. I enjoy crafts regardless of if they are for me or my neighnor or merely to post on here because they are fun and I enjoy writing for my readers! I love being frugal and more often than not projects can be done in a frugal manner and they can make something fun/funky and even spectacular for uber cheap! I love that I have the ability to stretch a dollar, use a sewing machine and help others do it…but it have to take less than a week to do so, I need to be totally invested in what I am doing and passionate about it…or I just quit, it goes by the way side!

Kind of like…
How I was all excited about how I was going to become a writer woot woot, I was going to make a billion dollars and buy a house writing! I was also going to be a star at Mary Kay, own a wellness center the likes of Massage Envy but holistic, be a journalist, a nanny, a daycare provider, a waitress, a childrens clothing designer…I have a problem with my follow through…a serious problem…you see I am good at starting I just don’t finish…especially if there is no end in sight…

My morning goes like this

*Peel myself out of bed
*Check bed for child pee
*Go Potty
*Go Downstairs
*Check E-mail
*Pour Coffee
*Make Breakfast

Not bad doesn’t usually phase me except there was this email saying I had a writing assignment due by 1 my time and I was like WTF I quit that shit…but I am not one to leave anyone hanging…so I write, haphazardly and half dead (asleep but really its a zombie like state and not attractive) only to submit the piece 43 words short and I sorta want to be a writer again…but I quit so I could devote time and energy to my household and my blog. I love my blog with pink sparkly hearts and I want to write to you all every moment of every day…okay well not really, sorry, I would probably get arrested if I told y’all some of the fucked up shit in my brain (like the zombie apocalypse) but I would ideally eventually like to make money writing my blog cus its awesome and I love it and no one ever criticizes to my face my shitty spelling and horrid punctuation although I know you all are doing it at home…dont judge me!

Well that was the start of my off day! I am going to take the kids to the library when Emer wakes up and thats that!

it’s that time of month again…

And no I don’t mean *that* time of month!! I mean budgeting!!!

I find budgeting to be a source of relaxation, on the 30th of June I am not going to have question whether I paid off on my surgery bill, did I have enough for rent and the car payment. Instead I know on June 1st my bills are xyz and when I paid them.

I get my budget sheets at buttoned up

Here is my June budget
Gas 160
Rent&deposit 1800
Phones 190
Xcel 100
Water 100
Truck 470
Food 400
Net 50
Emergency fund 240
Life insurance 165
Surgery bill 125
Copay 50
Gyno 50
Total 3900

We may not be paying on the hospital bills because we are filing bankruptcy when we get our deposit back but for me personally that is a point of contention. I don’t want to file, Corey is the one with the extensive mortgage debt but I did just rack up 6k in hospital debt from my cervical cancer and whatever starts pouring in from Brett’s broken arm.

I know I need an income of 4k this month to be comfortable, I know rent is due the first of July and it’s 1200 so I know that our deposit will help us step ahead with that and then we will be balanced and in a solid place financially.

How does budgeting make you feel?

Meal Plan Monday

Now that school is out and summer is in full swing (just ask my kids who are spraying each other in the backyard and refuse to take a nap!) the insanity of meal planning has shifted from Friday to Monday and shopping happens on Friday. I try to do a bigger shop on the Friday of Coreys paychecks so that I have my basics squared away for the two weeks (I never shop for more than two weeks because if it is in the house it will get eaten).

This week was the second week of Coreys paycheck so I bought my *extras*. My Menu looks like this
Monday *breakfast* Waffles with strawberries *lunch* crackers with melted cheese and lunch meat *dinner* veggie fajitas
Tuesday *b* oatmeal with protein powder *l* PBJ *d* stir fries
Wednesday *b* pancakes *l* left overs *d* small group (We are taking mozzarella and tomato salad with sweet basil from my new herb garden)
Thursday *b* oatmeal with blueberries *l* cheese crackers and meat *d* shrimp and rice with mango
Friday *b* pancakes and grocery shopping
 I use this meal planner page and I frickin love them! I love her too!

My Grocery List
Milk (sw) 1.89
Frigo String Cheese (sw)5.99
French Bread (sf) 1.50
Scallops (sw) 10 (2 lbs)
Breakfast Sausage (sw) 2/6
Blueberries (sw) 3.99
Strawberry (sw) 5
potatoes (sf) 4
blackberries (sf) .88 (3)
total 41.00
sw= safeway
sf= sunflower
Safeway does 5 dollar fridays and is totally worth it for some of the awesome sales!