Technicolored Dreams

As I sit watching my babes play in their kiddie pool and let the beautiful Colorado sun dry my spray paint, I realize that my dreams have gone from black and white to full on color, color pallets and so far outside my box my head is spinning…in a good rainbow esque way.

My life has transformed much like this wardrobe! Aka step by step furniture makeover!

The $35 thrift store wardrobe

The finished product

The step by step!
We started by sanding it down- look at that beautiful wood

After Sanding…and sanding…an sanding for like 2 weeks, we washed the wood off with water and a rag.

Now we tried spray paint…and switched to antique white wall paint which gave the piece a nice vintage feel

Then I decided on making a stencil of a trellis and decided that was a dumb fucking idea and taped on chevron which took f o r e v e r!!! Or three days!

Corey spray painted the chevron while I was on a run! He made the over spray artsy 😉

And we put it all back together

I love this wardrobe, the symbolism to me and how awesome is turned out!!

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