Meal Plan Monday

The sales this week were CRAZY! I am so excited!!!! 10 for 10 eggs?! 10 of 10 raspberries! Woot I was in HEAVEN

So My Meal Plan
Cinnamon Rolls
Breakfast Sandwiches
Bacon and Eggs
Fruit Salad
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Tenders
Meat and Cheese Sandwich
Crock Pot southwest chicken
Salad w/ meat and cheese
tacos with chicken
artichoke and oven fried chicken
chicken caesar salad
mexican salad
the g-list?
King Sooper
rasp 10/10
egg 10/10 (got 4)
english muffin (2) 1.75/ea
Plums .99/lb
cheese 5 (4) = 20
deli mean 5 (2)
bacon 3/99
smart balance 2.99-1 coupon= 1.99
peanut butter b2g1 @ 3.99/ea -10% discount
canned corn (3) 
black beans (3)
Cinnamon Rolls 2.99 – 1 coupon
Chicken breast (7lbs) 1.99/lb
Apple .99/lb x 3
Grape .88/lb x 3
artichoke 10/10 (got 5)
watermelon $1/3lbs 
onions .50 
Corey complained I didnt buy any food at all so I made him hot pockets from scratch and breakfast burritos from scratch and he quieted down right quick! I am soo pleased

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