Earth, Wind and Fire

Should be the catch phrase for Colorado as of late! With fire and smoke rolling desperately down the mountains into the plains where we live the eerie gray haze has become a norm and the decadent mixed scents of campfire wood and flowers leaves a girl like me just short of petrified. Fire is one of my biggest fears and the concept of it creeping near my home has left me with nothing short of a need to make a plan!

Emergency Evacuation Plan
It is imperative to have a plan that can be quickly thrown into action…
I have 380 in cash in our house (no checks or cards) so that if we had to leave in a rush and the bank was on fire I could get to where I was going
I have my momagenda kitchen folio with copies of birth certs, ss cards, doctor info, etc
Canned food stash
Camping equipment
All the basic ness.
First aid kit
Epi pen
Knives, lighters

🙂 so if your state catches on fire come prepared! Emergency kits save lives!!!

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