It’s been a month

Of working out with the park and play workouts! I have gone from working out and feeling overly challenged to feeling like its so easy (switching it up for the next 9 weeks! Which I will touch on that later)

So measurements!! I went from
Left arm 11inches
Left leg 20.75 in
Bust 37 In
hips 37.75 in
Waist 29.5 inches
Being able to run 2.01 miles in 28.33 minutes

8/20 (last full week before
getting sick)
Left arm 11.25 in
Left leg 21.75 in
Bust 30.5 in
Waist 28.75 in
Hips 37 in
3.5 miles in 40 minutes

Now pictures
Black bra is first day, pink undies is last day!! I feel amazing 🙂

I said I would mention my plan for the next 9 weeks
I will be doing
30 day shred M, W, F
Running 40 minutes M,T,W,F
Running an hour to 80 minutes Saturdays
Park and play work outs T,W,Th

I will do a progress pick in 3 weeks!!

School Starting and The Desire to Spend

So it may just be me but I feel like I have a non stop desire to spend. Part of it is emotions and part is the need for things.

So lately I have felt the desire to buy new chore charts, new day planner, New dry erase boards. Sooo much!!! I have been reigning it in but it begs the question what do you need for school? We know what our kids need because they give us a list but they don’t provide a what you need as a mama list…
To be continued tomorrow 😉

Happy Birthday Brett

I can’t beleive my little man is 5….FIVE! Can you beleive it he was this sickly munchkin baby and a traumatic birth and so worth every second of trial and tribulation he has provided for me personally. He has taught me patience and compassion and so much more…how to really be a mother, Jayden was the easiest kid and rett was the most challenging and my life is so much better for having had him

Park and Play 3 *Wicked Abs!*

Okay so my abs are far from wicked but I was helping CJ workon my MIL house yesterday and I totally managed to do it with out pussing out which is uber huge for me because well frankly I have spent years out of shape and rather lazy :blush: I also jumped on the tramp with the kids repeatedly and I went for an hour long run this morning IN THE MOUNTAINS, so like up hill the whole first half!!!!!!!!!!! I about died, I dont think I have even coughed so much before :-/

Okay the work out

Bicycle crunch/3/12-16
Reverse Crunch/2/12
Vertical leg crunch/3/12
Captains Chair (while hanging from monkey bars)/2/12
Single Leg Bridge/2/60 seconds
Plank/2/60 seconds
Standing Knee Cross Crunch/3/16

Its not terribly until you are near the end but I enjoyed it! Next week will be upper body and then we will have a solid rotation on
m- P&P1
t- P&P2
w- P&P3
th- P&P4
F- P&P1

I will be revamping come winter but I will leave friday open for just body updates, my body tends to be one of my biggest and most painful struggles in life, as a mother and a woman. I hope to over come that with basic exercise and ledning my self to health so my kids can have a healthy and fun mama