It’s been a month

Of working out with the park and play workouts! I have gone from working out and feeling overly challenged to feeling like its so easy (switching it up for the next 9 weeks! Which I will touch on that later)

So measurements!! I went from
Left arm 11inches
Left leg 20.75 in
Bust 37 In
hips 37.75 in
Waist 29.5 inches
Being able to run 2.01 miles in 28.33 minutes

8/20 (last full week before
getting sick)
Left arm 11.25 in
Left leg 21.75 in
Bust 30.5 in
Waist 28.75 in
Hips 37 in
3.5 miles in 40 minutes

Now pictures
Black bra is first day, pink undies is last day!! I feel amazing 🙂

I said I would mention my plan for the next 9 weeks
I will be doing
30 day shred M, W, F
Running 40 minutes M,T,W,F
Running an hour to 80 minutes Saturdays
Park and play work outs T,W,Th

I will do a progress pick in 3 weeks!!

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