Happy thanksgiving and weigh in

Gah, sorry about the lack of posting Monday! Whitey, CJs step-dad is in the hospital- we don’t know what’s wrong exactly but it’s getting worse so we need prayers please! And Peggy,
CJs mama broke her foot so need prayers for her too! We will be having thanksgiving in a park in boulder next to the hospital 😦 but we will be decorating the house sat with Peg since right now it looks like whitey will be in the hospital until Monday (yesterday am it was Wednesday and the stay keeps getting longer)

Okay so pics/weigh in
Arm 11.25
Chest 31.5
Waist 28.5
Hips 37
Thigh 21.25
Bf 31.4
Inches lost 1.75 in 2 weeks half inch gain in chest

Work outs
M- run, Zwow, 6w6p (1/2)
T- run, Zwow, 6w6p
W- run, Zwow, 6w6p (1/2)
Th- Zwow, 6w6p
F- Zwow, 6w6p (1/2)
Sat- long run (10.5 miles)


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